Chris Graber (the code holds him captive) has been developing websites and working with various technologies for decades. He’s a graduate of the engineering program at UCSB where he had an internship working on the GM EV1 electric car. After college he took it upon himself to learn all sorts of new technologies.

He started out at Palladium Interactive in the Bay Area with a small team that created websites to support CD-ROM titles: Hand coded websites and graphic design with Photoshop.

After Palladium he was off to Fluid in San Francisco: Managed a wide variety of projects, learned Java, created dynamic websites and began to tackle complex database designs and back-end systems.

Then it was back “home” to San Diego, and Clear Balance: Chris was the software engineering manager working in a dynamic environment of healthcare and finance experts. He honed his Linux/PHP/Perl/IBM/MS/Database/Management skills further there.

Along the way Chris has worked on contract projects of all sorts through Captive Coder and he finds them very fulfilling.